Connecting Partners to global opportunities


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What Makes Us Different

“The Bridge“ we are building addresses the missing pieces in various equations, from addressing liquidity and market efficiency constrains for publicly listed companies to chaperoning a successful closing of cross-culture deals between strategic and financial partners.

Our clients receive access to:

  • Strong relationships with U.S. and European portfolio managers across various sectors and market caps.
  • A team of multi-cultural and multi-lingual professionals.
  • Seasoned management, consisting of entrepreneurs and investment bankers, with decades of international experience in business development, initial public offerings, sales & trading, M&A and investor relations.
  • Close collaboration with leading investment bankers, industry analysts, and reputable accounting and legal firms.
  • Knowledge of local laws and strategies to seal successful and valid deals in a given country, including the ability to appeal to governmental and municipal sources with necessary lobbying.