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Private Placement Advisory

WBI will help you at every step of the capital raising process, whether by means of attracting a strategic investor or by reaching out to the global private equity investment community.

We assist small and mid-sized companies in compiling a deal strategy, necessary marketing materials, strategy for investor campaign (roadshow) and relevant documents (multi-lingual, if necessary) to the target investment audience. We can also recommend accounting and legal firms that have the best expertise to complement a given deal.

WBI oversees all steps in the placement process:

  • Creating an action plan and a deal timeline
  • Drafting and designing of a presentation to resonate with target investors
  • Recommending best service providers for a given deal: accounting, valuation, tax, and legal services via our large network of providers
  • Coordinating flow of information between all deal participants
  • Assisting in the drafting of a private placement memorandum
  • Representing the company in negotiations related to structuring of the transaction, term sheets, assisting in the due diligence process, final contract negotiation and closing.
  • Management coaching for meetings and investor presentations
  • Marketing to a wide network of potential investors, arranging and executing roadshows (if the banker on the deal is not present or additional marketing efforts needed)
  • Facilitating negotiations with value-added from local cultural, regional, and administrative prospective for foreign transactions
  • Investor Relations Management for companies in the United States & Eastern Europe