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Pre-ipo and ECM advisory


Selecting the most synergistic combination of syndicate members and service providers accompanying the upcoming transaction is one of the key elements of success for any IPO/SPO. We believe that companies looking to raise capital can substantially benefit from choosing an independent financial advisor – a party, whose interests are 100% aligned with those of the issuing company and its management. We can guide you in the IPO process from start to finish. Being in the advisory capacity allows us to work together with investment banks (the syndicate, research analysts, and distribution / sales teams) and ensure that all aspects of the company’s business model are presented fairly, compared to relevant peer groups, and marketed to an exhaustive list of potentially interested investors and analysts.

WBI oversees all steps in the pre-placement process:

  • Reviewing IPO readiness
  • Preparing presentations to potential underwriters
  • Advising on syndicate selection and other parties to transaction
  • Coordinating flow of information between deal participants and the company
  • Assisting during prospectus drafting sessions
  • Reviewing transaction structure, valuation, pricing range
  • Management coaching
  • Non-deal roadshows for emerging growth companies in accordance with the JOBS Act (if the bankers are not present/engaged)
  • Post IPO maintenance and support: ProactiveIR tm – Investor Relations consulting and coaching
  • Investor Relations Management for companies in the United States & Eastern Europe without dedicated investor relations
  • Accounting, valuation, tax, and legal services via our large network of providers